Tamil Enrichment books, workbooks, guides, charts and games to support self learning for Mother tongue relevant for the current school syllabus in Singapore. Perfect for practicing vocabulary, math, spatial thinking, writing and reading language skills from Preschool all the way to Secondary school students.



It’s never too early to start! Bilingual skill is developed early in life. Take advantage of our vast collection of resources for preschoolers, kindergarteners in KG1 and KG2. Suitable for basic as well as Intermediate learners



A wide variety of enrichment books including assessment practice papers, workbooks, reference dictionaries, read-aloud story books, stimulus exercises for vocabulary and Arichuvadi Numbers suitable for students from Primary 1 to Primary 6.



Comprehensive and focussed practice guides, assessment series, dictionaries and books for students from Sec 1 to Sec 4 in Singapore National Schools. Relevant to the current school syllabus

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Classic and popular stories to inspire an interest in Tamil language learning for school students in Singapore. All the story books are designed to support language learning and are offered for a wide range of age and ability from easy reading to classic literature.


Large Tamil Motivational Posters, and Thematic / Vocabulary Building Charts suitable for basic or intermediate Language learners.


Indian Traditional Games sets, Flashcards in Tamil, Thematic / Vocabulary Building Charts in sets, Tamil Language Tiles for enhancing Language Skills, and to build an ongoing interest in Language learning

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